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Tips to Land Your First Job at a Regulatory Body in Canada: Part One

Are you thinking of embarking on a career in Canada’s regulatory sector? We’re here to help. 

These six tips will guide you towards securing your first job in this dynamic sector.

Understand the Regulatory Landscape 

Familiarize yourself with Canada’s regulatory landscape and learn about what regulatory bodies do, how they’re governed, and the professions they regulate.

You can start by reviewing the Canadian Regulatory Guide. This site, developed by MDR Strategy Group Ltd., will provide you with essential information on your journey to land your first job in regulation. The site features information about the role of each regulator, links to their websites and highlights recent developments in the sector. It also shows you just how many Canadian regulators there are (over 500!).

Knowing about the Canadian regulatory landscape will help you prepare for interviews and impress your future employers.

Looking for more information? Read our blog post on understanding the Canadian regulatory sector.

Stay Informed 

Canada’s regulatory sector in Canada is ever evolving. It’s important to stay informed and connected with the latest sector news, legislative changes, and emerging trends in licensing and regulation.

Candidates who proactively stay informed and who can ‘speak the language’ of regulators have a better shot at landing a job in the sector than those who have not taken the time to immerse themselves in ‘industry speak’.

The Canadian Regulatory Guide and are two websites you’ll want to bookmark!

Acquire Relevant Education and Training 

Many regulatory roles require specialized knowledge. Consider pursuing relevant courses, certifications, or a degree in areas like law, public policy, business administration or communication.

The sector needs people with a wide variety of skill sets, so spend time determining how you’d like to contribute to the sector and align your education and training.

Read our blog post on considering a career in licensing and regulation to learn more about acquiring relevant education and training.

Gain Practical Experience 

Many regulators promote volunteer opportunities, internships, and co-op placements through A volunteer opportunity can you help get your foot in the door.

You can also look at exploring opportunities with companies or consulting firms that provide solutions or services to regulatory bodies like MDR Strategy Group, a leading service provider to Canadian regulatory bodies. MDR has helped students and young professionals gain experience in the sector through internships and contract work.

Look for other organizations that serve the sector that offer these types of opportunities. Internships and contract opportunities will help you gain relevant experience that will help set you apart from other job seekers.

Seek Mentorship 

Look for mentors with experience in the regulatory sector. A mentor’s guidance can provide valuable insights into the industry, offer career advice, and help you navigate the complexities of the sector.

Volunteer for Relevant Causes. 

As we mentioned, there are volunteer opportunities within the sector itself, but these opportunities can be limited, and some may require direct sector experience.

You can also look for volunteer work that’s related to regulatory issues. For example, volunteer with a patient-rights group, or an environmental NGO committed to environmental protection. If you can connect your volunteer activities with one or more relevant issues to the regulatory sector, this can go a long way in helping you set yourself apart from other job seekers.

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These are just some just some of the ways you can prepare yourself for a career in licensing and regulation. Stay tuned for part two with more tips to help you land your first job in this rewarding sector!

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