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1.  For whom has the site been built? is for organizations in the licensing and regulation sector to list all career, volunteer, and Board/Council positions, as well as tender (RFP) opportunities. Recruitment agencies can also list jobs on the site on behalf of their regulatory clients. It is also a site for professionals in the regulatory sector seeking new opportunities within the sector and for qualified professionals seeking to enter the sector. was built by regulators for regulators.

2.  Why use

Regulators know that finding top talent with the right combination of skills and experience for this unique sector is increasingly hard to find. Other general job sites may attract lots of applicants, but often not the type of applicants this sector needs or is seeking. This “for regulators by regulators” site has been built with the uniqueness of the sector in mind, and our marketing and communications strategy for the site has been developed accordingly. Our aim is to enable the right talent to find you. We also know how difficult it is for job seekers to find opportunities within the sector. Often, experienced professionals will have to search individual organizational sites in hopes of finding an opportunity for which to apply. This leads to frustration on the part of the job seeker. solves this challenge by bringing talent seekers and job seekers together in one spot. is not only about career opportunities. The site has been expanded to include all types of opportunities in the sector – from career and volunteer opportunities to Board/Council positions and tender opportunities. We built this site with both regulators and opportunity seekers in mind.

3.  Are there any hidden fees with the monthly subscription or the one-time listing option?

No. Subscribers pay CAD $399/month for an unlimited number of career and volunteer opportunities, Board/Council vacancies, and tenders. Each listing remains on the site for the duration of your choosing at no extra cost. Listings will also be published in our weekly Last Week’s Listings e-bulletin that reaches more than 2000 people each week, with a Click Through Rate (CTR) 20 times higher than the average CTR for the sector. More than 50% of Canadian regulators have at least one employee subscribed to Last Week’s Listings, suggesting deep interest in new career opportunities and high interest in the e-bulletin. The interest in and number of subscribers to Last Week’s Listings will only grow now that the site is global.

One-time listings are CAD $499 each. Each one-time listing remains on the website for 30 days and is included in the Last Week’s Listings e-bulletin.

There are additional services and add-on features for an additional cost, such as highlighting or more prominently featuring a specific listing. For regulators looking for executive recruitment services, that is offered through Regulatory Jobs Executive Recruitment. Regulatory Jobs Executive Recruitment opportunities will be prominently featured as part of that service.

There are no hidden fees associated with a one-time listing or a subscription to You get access to all the features of the site, and marketing & promotional support for each listing. There are, however, additional options and services that can be purchased if you’d like to have a listing more prominently featured, or if you’d like to use our executive recruitment services.

4.  How can I more prominently feature a listing on the website?

If you have a listing that needs additional exposure, or if you need to fill a vacancy urgently, featuring a listing on is a great option. Featuring an opportunity listed on the site can be done for an additional fee of CAD $199/featured opportunity for subscribers, and CAD $399/featured opportunity for one-time listings (i.e., listings that are not under an organizational subscription). There is no additional fee associated with featuring a listing if the listing is being managed through the Regulatory Jobs Executive Recruitment service.

If you wish to have an opportunity featured, please reach out to us at listings (AT) and we will prepare a separate invoice for you, and ensure the opportunity is properly and prominently featured. Soon, an option to select this add-on will be made available directly on the website.

There are many ways in which we prominently feature opportunities, including:

  • Listing the opportunity on the homepage under “Featured Opportunities” in addition to including it in the regular, searchable list of available opportunities on the site.
  • Prominently featuring the listing in our Last Week’s Listings e-bulletin, an e-bulletin that goes out each week to more than 2000 subscribers.
  • Issuing a separate, stand-alone “opportunity alert” to our Last Week’s Listings subscribers.
  • Featuring the listing in The Registrar Magazine if the opportunity is still open at the time a new issue is scheduled for publication.

If you have an opportunity that needs additional exposure, or have an urgent opportunity that needs to be filled, featuring such an opportunity on and in our weekly e-bulletin, contact us at listings (AT)

5.  Can I feature my organization on the website?

Yes, your organization can be featured on the homepage of the website at no charge (subject to availability). Contact us at listings (AT) to make a request.

6.  Our organization plans to utilize the site for both HR and tender opportunities. Can we have more than one account to facilitate this?

The website enables the creation of a single organizational account for subscribers, with the option of creating multiple sub-accounts. For example, a sub-account can be created for one member of the HR team to track and manage Board/Council vacancies, another sub-account for a different HR manager to track and manage career opportunities, and another sub-account for the procurement department to manage and track RFP/RFI submissions. Sub-accounts fall under the primary organizational account, meaning the organization only needs to pay a single monthly fee of CAD $399 for the one primary account.

For a single monthly subscription of CAD $399, an organization can create multiple sub-accounts to enable others in the organization to manage and track opportunities for which they are responsible.

7.  What is the default period for listings to remain on the site?

The default duration for career, volunteer, and Board opportunities is 30 days. This default period can be adjusted for subscribers, i.e., organizations that subscribe to the site for CAD $399/month, but this duration period cannot be modified for one-time listings. The default duration for tender (RFP/RFI) opportunities listed on the site is 90 days. This duration can be adjusted for subscribers, but not for one-time listings.

8.  What kind of marketing and promotional support does provide to subscribers and one-time listings?

Listings under an organizational subscription and one-time listings receive a digital marketing toolkit from us.  This means that for each career, volunteer, and Board listing, as well as for each listed RFP/RFI, we will send you custom graphics and text to promote the opportunity on social media, in e-newsletters, on your website, or wherever you’d like to advertise the available opportunity. In addition, we promote and each specific listing on our many social media accounts, including on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram, and in the popular Last Week’s Listings e-bulletin.

9.  Our organization prefers to manage and track opportunities using our own Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Can we direct applicants to submit their applications to our ATS or to a dedicated email address, or do we need to use the complimentary, built-in ATS on the website?

We built a complimentary ATS on the site for the many organizations that do not have one and would benefit from this feature, however, we understand that using the built-in ATS on the site is not for everyone as there are organizations that either have their own ATS or prefer to receive applications to a specific e-mail address. Each time you list an opportunity, you can include specific instructions for applicants to send their application to an email address, and/or you can include links in the listing to direct interested parties to submit their applications via your own ATS, or links to view and download information pertinent to a listing, such as organization policies, training courses, screening questionnaires, etc.

You always have a choice: you can direct opportunity seekers to submit their applications via your own ATS or email address of your choosing, or use the built-in, complimentary ATS on the website.

10. Can I upgrade to a subscription from a one-time listing?

Absolutely. Please contact us at listings (AT) to upgrade your account.

11. What methods of payment do you accept?

Monthly subscriptions are paid by credit card. We have a built-in secure payment gateway on the site to accept credit cards. One-time listings can also be paid by credit card. Should you choose to pay for a yearly subscription to the site up-front, please let us know and we can arrange for payment to be made by credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). To arrange an alternative payment method, contact us at listings (AT)

12. Are there any other benefits subscribers to receive?

In addition to being able to make use of all the features on the site (including the built-in ATS if you so choose, the creation of sub-accounts, and customizing the duration of each listing to suit your needs), subscribers can list an unlimited number of career, volunteer, Board/Council, and tender opportunities. Each listing receives marketing and promotional support from us as well. Additional subscriber benefits include:

  • Receiving a discounts to feature specific listings of your choosing (CAD $199/featured listing for subscribers vs. CAD $399 for non-subscribers).
  • Receiving discounts on consulting services offered by MDR Strategy Group Ltd.
  • Receiving discounts on advertisements, and for including articles in The Registrar Magazine.
  • Being prioritized for feature articles in The Registrar Magazine or interviews on The Registrar Podcast. (The magazine and podcast are popular resources and we receive many requests from people within the sector asking for their organization or someone from within their organization to be featured, or to be interviewed on the podcast. We sincerely appreciate all of the interest and requests we receive, but subscribers to will always be given priority.)

13. I’d like to receive your weekly Last Week’s Listings e-bulletin to stay on top of newly listed opportunities. I’d also like to receive The Registrar Magazine. How can I subscribe to receive these resources?

For Last Week’s Listings, simply click on this subscribe link, and enter your email address to receive our weekly e-bulletin that typically goes out Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.

To receive your digital copy of The Registrar Magazine, click on this subscribe link, and enter your details in the form provided.