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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are by and between and the holder of a client account or guest user.

1. General

1.1   The holder of this client account is/are the authorized individual, individuals, and/or staffing agency, hereinafter the “Recruiter” and referred to on the Website as Talent Seekers, who consent to sharing their job listing(s) and information for the purpose of promoting it/them on, a website that lists professional opportunities to recruit qualified professionals.

1.2   The Recruiter understands that the role of is solely to advertise professional opportunities to increase the profile and reach of vacancies and cannot guarantee identifying or presenting successful candidate(s).

2. Ownership

2.1   This Website is owned and managed by MDR Strategy Group Ltd. of Nova Scotia, Canada {hereinafter “Owner”}. The Owner authorizes all transactions by and between the Website and the Recruiter and has final authority on all matters related to it on behalf of the Website.

3. Functionality

3.1   The Website enables Recruiters to list the following opportunities on the Website: careers, volunteer opportunities, public appointments and governance vacancies, tenders.

3.2   Recruiters are able to manage applications for the aforementioned opportunities (except Tenders) using the Website applicant management system. Applications for tenders are managed by receipt of applications by email.

3.3   The Website also enables Job Seekers to view opportunities shared by Recruiters.  Opportunities can be searched by opportunity type, key words, location, and region.

3.4   Job Seekers may apply for opportunities posted by Recruiters.

3.5   Job Seekers may also upload their qualifications (resumes or CV formats) onto the website to enable Recruiters to identify qualified candidates.

3.6   Recruiters may manage all opportunities with unique login credentials

3.7   Job seekers may manage all opportunities applied for with unique login credentials.

4. Geographic Regions

4.1   This Website is available for opportunities worldwide. It is the Recruiter’s responsibility to identify the country and region of the opportunity.  Where opportunities are remote, the Recruiter shall identify that in the listing where provided.

5. Listing Language

5.1   This Website’s primary language is English. Opportunities may be listed in other languages in addition to an English-language listing.

6. Advertising Period

6.1   The advertising period of a job posting at the Recruiter’s discretion. It is the Recruiters responsibility to remove active listings from view once a vacancy has been filled.

7. Usage Fees

7.1   Fees apply to Recruiters to post opportunities on the website. Fees are not applicable to job seekers.

7.2   The website is available to Recruiters by subscription {“Membership”} or pay-per-use {“Guest Use”}.

7.3   Membership fees are $399.00 per month and billed monthly.

7.4   Membership fees shall be applied monthly to the Recruiter’s credit card on the subscription anniversary date.

7.5   Membership terms are one year and automatically renewed unless cancelled in advance by the Recruiter.

7.6   The Recruiter will be billed for the balance of an annual membership if the membership is cancelled prior to the subscription’s anniversary date.

7.7   Fees are billed in Canadian dollars.

7.8   Fees do not include sales taxes where applicable.

7.9   Non-membership listing fees are $499.00 per opportunity.

7.10 Payment must be completed prior to any broadcasting any listing opportunity on the website.

7.11  Fees are billed in Canadian dollars.

7.12  Fees do not include sales taxes where applicable.

7.13  Fees are non-refundable.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1   To view the website’s privacy policy, click here.

9. Support

9.1   For questions or support, please contact us at

10. Agreement

10.1  All Recruiter attest they have the authority to bind their respective organization, and by sending a job description to, agree to all terms and conditions herein.