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Experience Review Advisory Group

Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)

Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Status: Three-year term, renewable

The Architectural Institute of British Columbia (the “AIBC” or “Institute”) is seeking Architects AIBC to serve on the Experience Review Advisory Group.

Learn more about the AIBC Volunteer Program: CLICK HERE

About the Experience Review Advisory Group

The Experience Review Advisory Group (“Group”) assists the Institute in reviewing the work experience component of the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP). Under this domestic stream to registration, Intern Architects need to accumulate a specified minimum of experience hours in pre-determined practice categories. The Group ensures that the experience component is being administered and evaluated fairly, effectively, and supports Intern Architects AIBC by facilitating this pathway to registration. In addition, the Group provides advice and recommendations to the Credentials Committee, and to staff, regarding policies and procedures governing the administration of intern architect work experience.

Reporting Structure

Advisory Group members are appointed by the AIBC Chief Executive Officer and report to the AIBC Credentials Committee.

Duties and Expectations

  • Attend the in-person (at the AIBC offices) or virtual Zoom meetings.
  • Review and assess the work experience submitted by Intern Architects in their Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) including the review and approval of standard work experience of Intern Architects in accordance with the requirements of the IAP manual and Appendix B to the IAP manual.
  • Review non-standard work experience of Intern Architects and conduct interviews, through an Experience Review panel, as necessary.
  • Ensure the work experience logs are being assessed effectively, consistently, and fairly.
  • Occasional participation in Experience Review Interviews to approve work experience.
  • Provide recommendations and feedback to staff and the Credentials Committee regarding IAP work assessment policies and procedures.

Specific Skills, Attributes, and Experience

The successful candidate will possess or be willing to develop the following:

  • Experience and knowledge of the Internship in Architecture program, the program requirements, or experience with similar registration programs and review processes.
  • The ability to review documents objectively, critically, in a timely and efficient manner, and take all relevant information into account.
  • The ability to analyze applicants’ experience, assess their qualifications, and make informed decisions and recommendations.
  • Ability to work independently, manage time effectively, and prioritize tasks to ensure an efficient and effective review process.
  • Effective communication skills including the ability to clearly communicate program requirements and provide recommendations.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • Experience interpreting and applying competency frameworks to assess qualifications for entry is an asset.

Time Commitment

  • The Group meets monthly or bimonthly for 1 or 2 hours over the lunch period of a mid-week workday. Additionally, the review work can be performed at flexible times using SharePoint/online database, as arranged with AIBC staff.
  • Meetings are held virtually over Zoom or at the centrally located AIBC offices, with catering and parking provided.


  • Opportunity to support the IAP and contribute to the AIBC’s core mandate of regulating the profession of architecture in the interest of the public.
  • Gain new and develop existing skills through exposure to a variety of work experience areas, practice, and training.
  • Network opportunities to connect with other professionals.
  • Professional development opportunities funded by the AIBC.
  • Recognition as an AIBC volunteer.

Volunteer Profile

In addition to the skills, attributes, and experience above, the selection of registrant member applicants will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Basic Attributes
    • Registration as an Architect AIBC in Good Standing.
  2. Volunteer Competencies
    • Upholds the protection and integrity of confidential information. Advisory Group members must ensure and maintain confidentiality of all information acquired in the course of their duties on the Group.
    • Demonstrates honesty, high ethical standards, and professionalism in all interactions and is accountable for one’s decisions and actions.
    • Understands and appreciates the core work of the AIBC in the public interest, the AIBC’s governance structure, and relationship between registrants, the Institute, and the public.
    • Commitment to facilitate the progression of Intern Architects on the path towards licensure.
    • Demonstrates a genuine interest in serving as a member of the Group to accomplish its objectives.
    • Demonstrates readiness to support and prioritize the public interest mandate of the AIBC.

Getting Involved

The AIBC believes the public and the profession are best served by committees and advisory groups that include members from diverse backgrounds. While all qualified professionals are encouraged to consider this opportunity and apply, the AIBC especially encourages and invites applications from professionals living outside the Lower Mainland, women, Indigenous Peoples, Black and People of Colour, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ2S+), professionals for whom English is a second language (ESL), and others who may contribute to diversity in public sector committee appointments.

If you are interested in joining the Experience Review Advisory Group, please submit an Expression of Interest detailing your skills, experience, and how you meet the requirements of this role to