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Call for Nominations NANB Board Members

Nurses Association of New Brunswick


The Board of Directors of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) is the governing body for the organization. Board directors are collectively responsible for strategic direction, risk management, and monitoring of NANB operations to ensure that work is achieved to meet strategic objectives.


The twelve-member Board of Directors is comprised of a President, President-Elect, seven Region Directors and three Public Directors.

The President-Elect is elected for a two-year term which is followed by a two-year term as President. Region Directors are elected for three-year terms by members living within their respective geographic regions and by members who work in the region but do not reside in New Brunswick. The three Public Directors are appointed by the Minister of Health and by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for three-year terms.

Call for Nominations: NANB Board Members

The deadline to submit nominations is March 1, 2024

Directors in Regions 5 (Restigouche), and 7 (Miramichi)

As per NANB by-laws, nursing positions on the Board of Directors continues to welcome all registrants in good standing.

Please refer to the links below for information, and to submit a nomination.

Election Information

Nomination Form

Opportunities for Public Members

The current Board would benefit from individuals that demonstrate the following:

Previous committee or Board experience;

An interest in health and welfare and in health matters generally;

Time to devote to the role and to work to ensure public protection;

Vision and openness in terms of diversity, equity, inclusion and innovation; and

Volunteer or work experience that demonstrates acting in the public interest.

According to the Nurses Act, the Public Directors of NANB Board of Directors shall be appointed to represent the public and shall be appointed in the following manner:

Two appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council from a panel of not less than four persons nominated by the Board.

One appointed by the Minister of Health from a panel of not less than three persons nominated by the Board.

*All Public Members shall not be members of the Association, nurses, or former nurses. *

The Public Directors are appointed for three-year terms.

Nomination Form