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Board Election

Nova Scotia College of Nurses

In mid-February, the NSCN Board will begin its search for two qualified registrants to sit on the Board. This year, at least one of the new Board members must be an LPN in order to meet the Board composition requirements of the Nursing Act. Members of the Board make important decisions in the public’s interest that shape the regulation of nursing and promote public safety.

Between February 14 and March 13, 2024, registrants will have the opportunity to apply for a vacant Board position if they wish to serve for a three-year term on the NSCN Board.  

To apply, check your email or visit this webpage on February 14 to access the application form and to learn about the available positions. Applications will close on March 13 at 1:00 p.m. 

Key Upcoming Dates

February 14 – March 13 – Application Period. To apply, candidates must complete an application by 1:00 p.m. on March 13. 

May 1 – May 8 – Online election if there are more nominees than Board vacancies. Eligible registrants will be able to vote until 1:00 p.m. on May 8.

May 15 – 22– Online election if there is a tie vote between two or more nominees. Eligible registrants will be able to vote until 1:00 p.m. on May 22.

Meet the Nominating Committee 

The NSCN Board, in accordance with the NSCN By-Laws, established the Nominating Committee to help facilitate the nomination and election of registrants to the Board. 

Once applications close on March 13, the Nominating Committee will advance for nomination two candidates. The Nominating Committee will hold an election if additional eligible candidates wish to be considered.  

The committee includes the immediate past Chair, one public representative and one registrant of the current Board. In 2024, members of the Nominating Committee include:

  • Jason Reeves, immediate past Chair
  • Alana Baxter, public representative
  • Tricia Lane, registrant

Changes to the 2024 Board Nominations & Election Process

For the 2024 Board nominations and election, the NSCN Board has implemented a few changes to the process to increase efficiencies, including:

  • Application Process – Number of Calls for Applications: The NSCN Board is reducing the process to just one call for applications, instead of two. Any registrant interested in serving on the Board can apply during the application period. All eligible candidates will then be informed of the selected nominees by the Nominating Committee and can decide whether they want to run for election. This will reduce the workload for candidates because they do not have to submit a second application, and it eliminates the need for the Nominating Committee to complete a second round of vetting candidates.
  • Incumbent Board Members: In our previous By-laws there was no process to determine whether an incumbent Board member could serve a second term. New changes to the By-Laws indicate that they now must follow the same process as new candidates, which is inline with Nursing Regulations requiring Board members to be elected.
  • Use of Chief Elections Officer: NSCN CEO & Registrar will fulfill the election duties previously given to a Chief Elections Officer instead of appointing an external person. Since the election occurs electronically using a third-party voting system, some of the previous duties of a Chief Elections Officer were unnecessary. In professional regulation, the trend is to use staff to fill these duties which is what NSCN has moved towards for further efficiencies.

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